Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Distance Education in BSc Health Information Administration

A zillion health records, which are vital, critical, confidential forming an integral part of health care processing …take the lead with a BSc Health information Administration degree

With the many advancements made through research in medicine, there is a boom in the health care industry. It has also resulted in fine distinctions in the field of human health care, a greater classification of ailments with a sound tracking system. A distance BSc health Information Administration program helps to create managerial skills for effective control, processing and use of health care system resources. The distance learning mode for BSc HIA is most suited for the current scenario considering the limited campus universities offering quality education. As the nature of work of a HIA demands greater exposure in the field, quality here implies updated curriculum and well-informed faculty, with equal emphasis on academics and practical training. Considering the huge demand for quality Health Information Administrators, further spurned by medical tourism with India foreseen as the next big health care destination, distance education for such specialized courses helps to cater to the demand. 

The career opportunities for BScHIA are immense, as the field of work renders critical support to health care professionals. The job profile will cover collection and collation of health care information of patients, through organized and accurate health care systems. The crucial processes involved in managing the data include maintaining confidentiality, security, legality and integrity of the patients’ data along with other medical information systems running in the network. The expertise also extends to implementing and executing processes, which will make the information resources accessible by users or decision-makers integral to the health care system. A distance BSc Health information Administration program will extensively train students in the aforementioned skills to successfully assume the role of health information management or a medical record professional. These professionals can find job vistas in the health care industry, and health care services industry such as blood banks, polyclinics, medical labs etc.

Understanding the prolific and prospective aspects of HIA, SMUDE offers distance BSc Health information administration program in its fullest potential. With cutting edge learning modules mediated through exquisite e-learning suites, SMUDE students get better than the best learning experience with the online interface. The online platform features live seminars, video demos, and chats with academic exponents and industry mentors from the field. Additionally, the university conducts regular workshops to keep students abreast of the latest happenings in the health care industry and what prospects lie in store for them. The distance BScHIA program of SMUDE is as carefully nuanced as the allied health care industry itself, generating skill sets, which will be readily applicable in the job industry. Recognized by the UGC and DEC, there is more to SMUDE’s creditable record than training in academics that which creates knowledge resources that always go on record in the job industry.

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